Mavic 2 Pro

DJI Mavic 2 Pro

The Mavic 2 Pro is a versatile and compact package with superior image quality.  With a 20MP 1” Hasselblad sensor, we can capture great detail, depth of field, and colors for almost any use. We have used it for construction progress, infrastructure inspections, promotional business videos, and whole host of other tasks. It easily fits into carry-on baggage and is always with us when we are out of the office.


Inspire 1 Pro

The Inspire 1 Pro is the workhorse from DJI.  This platform allows us to fly different types of image sensors to meet the needs of the specific job.  We normally use the Zenmuse X5 camera, which allows us to film footage in 4K Ultra HD.  The X5 also has a Micro Four Thirds lens system that allows us to change the lenses for a more versatile finished product.  Whether you need a zoom lens, or thermal imagery, the Inspire 1 can handle it.



Future Motion Onewheel


We really enjoy stabilized footage, and find that our clients do too.  So, one of the unexpected, but effective tools we use is the Future Motion OneWheel.  We can get smooth, sweeping footage that you just cannot capture on foot.  Also, it comes in handy for those times and places where we are unable to fly a drone. Plus, it can handle off-road situations and has a top speed around 19MPH, which allows us to track tfaster subjects.


Mavic PRo

This nimble and compact craft works in tighter spaces and for quick launching.  The 4k camera and redundant sensors keep this little UAV stable and producing beautiful and detailed footage.  Whether it is for inspections, mapping, or photography this can get the job done smoothly, safely, and quickly.  It has become a great backup in our toolkit.


Handheld & Action Cameras

We have a host of other cameras that let us capture great footage or b-roll as needed. Whether it is gimbal stabilized or hardened action footage, we have the equipment needed to get what you want.