Aerial imaging is a safe way to quickly evaluate otherwise hazardous structures in a cost-efficient manner.  Measure components for wear, fatigue, and stress.  Easily assess water towers, pipelines, bridges, cell towers, and other critical infrastructure & key resources (CIKR) without risking bodily injury.  Routine inspections can be paired with industry leading software packages to provide consistent views for actionable takeaways.  Reduce truck rolls and asset climbs to save money, time., and reduce liability. 

Commercial & Residential Roof

Hail, wind, and water damage can wreak havoc on structures and day-to-day operations.  We have experience collecting data and documenting conditions for insurance.  Drones allow us to assess even the steepest and tallest of roofs without the risks and expenses associated with ropes, scaffolding, and ladders.


In the event of a disaster, you will want both pre and post event documentation of your assets.  We can collect that information quickly and safely.  Whether you have a 1/2 acre home or a 500 acre plot, we can tackle the job.