Construction Progression

HDR Construction Lot Progress

We provide measurable tracking for you and your clients.  Whether the new owners live out of town, or you want portfolio footage for your marketing efforts, these clips are perfect.  Your time is limited too, so being able to visit the site without physically leaving the office is huge.  Avoid costly rework by comparing imagery to spec and correcting issues before they are a larger problem and work with someone who understands construction safety with an OSHA 30 certification.


3D and 2D Modelling

Aerial photography allows us to pick up where surveying leaves off. We are able to provide an up to date view of your site.  Using orthomosaics, or stitched together photos, we can provide photogrammetry ready data, or the ability to take measurements within your accuracy needs.  Also, we can get into the detail of point clouds to integrate into your existing modelling software which allows you to get projects done on schedule and under budget.

Interior and Exterior 360

When you are looking for the most immersive experience, 360s are a great way to present content like you are actually there in the room or up in the sky.  We can give your viewers a detailed look at what a space feels like without actually having to be there physically.