Create Regularly to Learn

I stress how important ongoing learning is here, and in my everyday discussions with friends and clients. One of the best ways to learn is to actually create something. Late in 2018 I started pushing myself into creating more videos for YouTube.

The video below will always link to my most recent video from my personal channel for Scott Shtofman. I have also made it a point to highlight completed client work on my company YouTube Channel. I am a Tyler Drone Services provider using drones and other cameras to promote businesses and projects in East Texas.

So, what does making more videos do to help me learn, and why should you care or do it yourself? Videos are a great way to try out and test new equipment, filming styles, editing, grading, etc. They are a creative outlet that lets you explore stories, people, and places you would not have otherwise taken the time to. I have been able to document some of my learning process and give back to the community where I have already learned so much from as well.

Creating is a great place to test, grow, and fail. If you are failing in an environment that is not high pressure, like when you are in front of a client, you can better learn from that experience and make sure to nail the process when it really matters. Don’t be afraid to take chances making stuff, whether it is photos, videos, or something else completely. Just get out there and make something, and you will be better for it. Your craft will be better for it, and your clients will appreciate the effort.