Constant Improvement - Personal and Professional

Constantly improving both personally and professionally is very important to me.  Whether I am keeping up with continuing legal education, learning new editing and filming techniques, or getting myself to workout more, the goal is to keep improving.

If you are familiar with the concept of compounding interest, you will understand that the benefit of ongoing, incremental, improvements, really grows exponentially over time.  Setting aside specific periods for learning not only helps you with the lesson you’re currently focused on, but it also gives you a chance to digest and gain context on other projects you have been intensely working on.

When you are looking at what goals to focus on and actions to take as we close out the year, make sure you consider self improvement.  I am not saying you need to finish a degree or anything that big. You could do something as simple as reading a book or collection of articles on a regular basis, and you would be amazed at how much the small actions add up over time.