Starting a new business

Thank you for visiting the blog.  Quad Axis was born from an idea to track the construction of our new home.  We saw a need that was not being served by others in our market and decided to capitalize on it.  Part of that process required putting Scott's legal license to good use.  With a strong business and legal background, we have been able to avoid many of the pitfalls that most new businesses cannot.

For us, it was important to start the business the right way, and not just run out, buy a drone, and start filming without any education.  Becoming an FAA Part 107 Certified pilot is necessary if you want to fly commercially in the United States.  The certification proves pilot knowledge of safety, airspace, weather conditions, mental state issues, and an overall preparedness and respect for flight.  This is just the base required for entry.  Along with that certification, you need practice flight time, insurance for damage and equipment, legal formation (as an LLC for us), financial infrastructure, video editing hardware and software, and company branding, to name a few.  So, while it may be tempting to run up a credit card, it is not the prudent move to make.  You should also have a strong understanding of the possible market for drones where you live.  We made sure to speak with many people in different industries before diving in, and hopefully, that will pay off.